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6.01 How do I connect to the database?

  • One Client Not Connecting:
    1. Make sure that the PC hosting the DoubleTime database is connected to the office network and there is internet access
    2. End all Quick Book processes on the PC or Server hosting the DoubleTime Database
      1. From the database PC or Server go into Start Task Manager.
      2. Select the Processes tab
        1. End all processes that start with QB
  • All Clients Not Connecting:
    1. Go to the PC or Server hosting the DoubleTime Database
      1. Open the DoubleTime Database Service
        1. Start >Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services.
      2. Check the status of that service.
        1. If the service has been stopped
          1. Highlight the service and select the Start option.
        2. If it is already started
      3. Highlight the service and select the stop option and then the restart option
      4. Ensure that the Windows Firewall (or any other firewall being used) has a program exception added for DoubleTime's Database service
        1. The program exception that must be added is C:\Program Files (x86)\The Fund\DoubleTime\SQL Anywhere\bin32\dbsrv11.exe
    2. Test the DoubleTime clients by opening DoubleTime
    3. If the DoubleTime clients are not connecting, please contact the Help Desk at 800-421-9378