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7.10 A document name is showing up in red on the "Closing Document Selection window" when I access the Documents module.

Document names displaying in red are in indication that the document's size is larger than normal. This may be caused by embedding (copying and pasting) images directly on the document. If you need to add an image to your document, it is best to add a linked image to keep the document size and DoubleTime database size at a minimum.

  • To add a linked image to your document, place your cursor in your document where you would like the image to show.
  • Next, click on 'Insert' from the top menu bar and then select "Picture". You will be asked to select a saved image from your computer. If you share your DoubleTime database with other users in the office, it is recommended that save the image to a mapped network drive that everyone has access to and is labeled the same drive letter on everyone's PC.
  • Once you select the image to insert into your document, click on "Open" and the it will be inserted as a linked image.

You may also run a report to find other embedded images in your closing documents and templates.

Open the Reports module and select the "Documents/Templates with Picture Images" report to see a full list of files and documents with images. Embedded images should be replaced with Linked images to avoid potential database problems.

For further assistance, please contact The Fund's Help Desk.