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10.00 How do/Can I download DoubleTime?

DoubleTime® will be available for download on the DoubleTime® Support page. The download link will only be available to those firms that have an active DoubleTime® license. If you have multiple firms or offices, please sign in using a Fundnet ID associated to the office with the active license. If you are unsure of which Fundnet ID to use, you can test your authentication.

10.01 How do I check my version of DoubleTime?

  • From the Help menu, click About. The current version is Version 7.0. If yours is an earlier version, you need to upgrade. If you need assistance, call the Help Desk at 1-800-421-9378.
  • In addition to the Version, there is a new field called "Build" on the Help About window. New downloads for DoubleTime will be made available on the DoubleTime Downloads page. When you download an update to DoubleTime, the number in the Build field is updated. Check the DoubleTime Downloads page for new downloads periodically.

10.02 How do I add a Quit Claim Deed for a Refinance File?

  • Open the Documents module, and click New.
  • Select the FL Quit Claim Deed (Third Party to Buyer) and click OK.
  • Replace the asterisks (***) on the document with the Grantor name and address.
  • Exit the module and save changes.

10.03 Why should I backup DoubleTime?

  • Backing up your DoubleTime database is important for two reasons: Data loss and Performance.
  • Like any file on your computer, your DoubleTime database is vulnerable to system crashes and hardware failures. Hard drive crashes, lightning strikes, and power surges can all damage or corrupt your valuable data. Regularly backing up (to a tape drive or other device) your DoubleTime database is your best protection.
  • In addition to making a safe copy of your data, the DoubleTime database backup procedure will automatically perform some routine maintenance tasks to help improve performance. Like changing the oil in your car's engine, regular database backups will help keep your DoubleTime database performing at its best.
  • Special note for Networks: Because network (NT, Novell, and Peer-to-Peer) database engines are always running, the database files themselves are seen by the network server as being always "open" or in use. Typical backup utilities such as Microsoft Backup, ArcServe, or BackupExec will not backup files that are in use.
  • It is still necessary to use the Database Backup Utility within DoubleTime even if your system uses other backup software. The DoubleTime Database Backup Utility will create a copy of your DoubleTime database that your network backup software can successfully access.
  • To backup, create a folder in Windows Explorer. Do not use DBLTIME as the folder name. We suggest using DBBACKUP.
  • When the folder has been created, open DoubleTime.
  • From the Utilities menu, select Database Backup.
  • A Select Path window will open. Specify the Drive and Path for the backup folder and click OK.

10.04 How do I add a User Defined Clause to the Clause Library?

  • From the Modules menu, select Clause Library Maintenance.
  • Click the New button.
  • Enter a Title for the Clause and select the appropriate Clause Type from the list, such as Affidavit. Then enter the Clause text.
  • Exit the module and save changes.

10.05 How do I change a User Defined Clause in the Clause Library?

  • From the Modules menu, select Clause Library Maintenance.
  • Change the selection of All Clauses to User Defined Clauses.
  • Select the clause and click OK.
  • Make the necessary changes.
  • Exit the module and save changes.

10.06 Where is the Amortization Calculator?

  • Open the Loans module, and select the Amortization Calculator icon on the secondary tool bar.
  • An alternate way of accessing the Amortization Calculator is to select Modules from the menu toolbar, then choose Loans, Amortization Calculator.

10.07 I received an internal system error after upgrading or installing DoubleTime. What should I do?

Error Number: 35
At line number: 4
Of Event: Constructor
In Object: nv_ole_xceedxip
In Window: nv_ole xceedzip

Browse to your Program Files\Common Files\The Fund folder and locate the file named 'xceedzip.dll'. Right mouse click on this file and choose 'Copy'. Next locate a file name 'regsvr32.exe' in the same folder. Right mouse click on this file and choose 'Paste'. You will receive a message that registration has succeeded. This should resolve the error.