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13.05 How do I change a status on a particular Serialized Form?

  • Open the Forms Tracking module.
  • Select a Form Type. Enter the Form Number (without Prefix) and click OK.
  • Change the Form Status.
  • Exit the module and save changes.
  • The available Form Statuses are:
  • Assigned - The form is available and has been assigned to a particular employee within the title agent's office.
  • Cancelled - The form has been cancelled, and it is not available for use. This may be used when the closing is not going to take place, and the form has been sent to the underwriter.
  • Received - The form is available for selection.
  • Sent to Underwriter - The form has been used and has been sent to the underwriter.
  • Transferred - The form has been transferred to another agent.
  • Used - The form has been used in a closing file.