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Once you have generated your Closing Disclosure, go to the “CD Options” tab. Change the radial button from “No” to “Yes” next to “Show Title Insurance charges for Policies & Endorsements on two lines”. When you return to the “Pg. 2 – Closing Cost Details” tab, the endorsements and premium should be displayed on separate lines.

If you would prefer to make this your default setting, choose “User Settings” under the “Preferences” menu. On the “Settlement Statement” tab change the radial button from “No” to “Yes” next to “Show Title Insurance charges for Policies & Endorsements on two lines”. This will not retroactively change any already opened files. If you have a file already opened in which you would like to display the endorsements and premium separately, you can change that individual file using the instructions above.


First, once you have generated your Closing Disclosure, go to the “CD Options” tab. Change the radial button from “Yes” to “No” underneath “Show Total Transfer Taxes on single line (Section E)”. A pop-up box will appear advising you to return to the Recording Calculator. Click “OK”. Now, return to the “Pg. 2 – Closing Cost Details” tab. Click the Recording Calculator appearing on Line 01 in Section E. Taxes and Other Government Fees in the Other Costs area (it looks like a little green calculator). Verify that all the amounts and payors are correct on each tab in the Recording Calculator. Click “OK”. A pop-up box will appear advising you that lines need to be moved from another section to make room for the additional information. Click “Yes”.

You are now in the “Line Administrator” that allows you to move unused lines from one section to another. It is best to do this after all other information in completed so you do not move a line you will need later. If you have not completed the rest of the information yet, consider moving lines with larger line numbers first, e.g. “Section B: 10”. To show mortgage documentary stamps, deed documentary stamps, and mortgage intangible taxes separately, you will need to move two lines. Highlight your two selected lines from the “Select which blank line(s) to move:” menu. Confirm “Section E: Taxes and Other Government Fees” is selected in the “Select which section to move the blank line(s) to:” menu and click “Move To >>>”. Now click “OK”. The lines and fees should now appear.


Due to the complexities of the new Closing Disclosure, DoubleTime® can only print figures on CD related reports when the Closing Disclosure is selected as the Settlement Statement type in the Closing File module. If the Lender request preliminary figures on a statement other than the Closing Disclosure, it is recommended that you provide them with a copy of the ALTA Settlement Statement form. You can access the ALTA Settlement Statement forms for any transaction using a CD by going to the Settlement Statement module and clicking on ‘Reports’. DoubleTime® has 3 formats available to select.



On Page 2 of the CD in the Settlement Statement Module, double click on an available line in section “H. Other” to initiate the Line Detail window. Change the ‘Fee Type’ in the top left of the window to "Broker Commission Fees". This will automatically initiate the Broker Commission Calculator and allow you to calculate one or multiple commissions.

Broker Commission Fees

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  • On Page 3 of the CD, go to a free line in Section L and double click it to bring up the Line Detail window.
  • Type a description for the credit and check the "Copy" box. The Total amount entered should be equal to the Variance Amount found on the TRID Variance tab in the Title Premium Allocation calculator on Page 2 of the CD.
  • Once the amount is entered in, select a Trans. Type of "TRID Variance Adjustment" and click OK to close the Line Detail window. The result will be a credit to the borrower and a debit to the seller for the variance amount.

  • On Page 1 of the CD, scroll to the Projected Payments section and enable a payment interval column by checking the box at the top of a blank column.
  • Check the "Final Payment Title" checkbox near the Projected Payments section heading and the last active payment interval column will change from showing a year range to having a text field with the words "Final Payment". This text field is editable in the event the lender would like to see the words "Balloon Payment".

  • On Page 2 of the CD, access the "Title Premium Allocation" calculator on the secondary toolbar.
  • On the Loan Policy or Owner Policy tab, you can change the Payor field to Borrower, Seller or Other. You may also choose to split the charge between the Borrower and Seller using the “Split B/S” option or you can split between three parties by selecting “Split”.
  • Click “OK” to close the calculator and have the changes reflected on the CD.

  • When working with multiple loans, it will be required to check the “Separate Statement” checkbox in the Closing File module, Loan tab for DoubleTime’s Balance Sheet to remain in balance. The 2nd loan’s settlement statement should be accessed first and all figures entered in. Take note of the amount on line 303 that is shown under the Totals Summary tab.
  • Select the Open button on the secondary toolbar and switch to the primary loan’s CD settlement statement.
  • On Page 3 Summaries of Transactions, select an available row in Section L and enter in an appropriate description and type the proceeds amount from the 2nd loan. Do not set a payor for this line. DoubleTime will automatically handle the 2nd loan payor on the Balance Sheet.
  • Check the Balance Sheet to verify you are in balance.

NOTE: If the proceeds amount is changed on the 2nd loan’s settlement statement, you will need to manually update the amount in Section L of the CD to remain in balance.

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