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14.06 The Borrower paid a deposit to the Lender and it needs to be credited to the Borrower on the HUD. The Lender is remitting a check for the exact Loan amount (no withhelds). The deposit credit needs to be deducted from the Loan Fees check being remitted by the Closing Agent to the Lender. How do I show this on the HUD?

  • Open the Settlement Statements module.
  • Select a line in the Loan Fees section.
  • Enter a Description that is acceptable to the Lender, for example, "Application Fee Refund" or "Loan Deposit Credit".
  • Select the lender from the Payee list.
  • In the Borrower Paid from funds field, enter the deposit credit amount as a negative number.
  • Leave the Amount withheld field blank.
  • Select the appropriate loan from the Loan statement list, if necessary.
  • In the Reconciliation module, the Balance Sheet will reflect a negative number for this line item. Combine this negative item with the item(s) being disbursed to the Lender, and this will net the credit from the Lender's check.
  • Reminder: The accounting export function will be disabled until this negative disbursement item has been combined.