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While on Page 2 of the Closing Disclosure in the Settlement Statement Module, click on the green "Insert" icon (Plus sign) on the secondary toolbar to open the Line Administrator. In the left box labeled, "Select which blank line(s) to move:" select available lines from any section. In the top right box labeled, "Select which section to move the blank line(s) to:", make the appropriate selection. Finally, click on the "Move To" button in the middle of the Line Administrator and the Status box on the bottom right will be updated. Selecting "OK" at the bottom of the window will complete the move.

From the Settlement Statement module, select Reports from the Main menu and then select, "Seller Only CD". A print preview of the Seller Only CD format will be displayed and allow you to print or save as a PDF.

CFPB's verbal guidance allows for lines to be added and deleted from the Page 3 Summaries of Transactions section of the CD. DoubleTime will automatically start you with the maximum number of lines available for the page. To move an available line, click your cursor anywhere in the row and select the red "Delete" icon (Red X) on the secondary toolbar. The available line can then be re-inserted under a different section by clicking your cursor on the line below where you wish to insert the new row and then by clicking the green "Insert" icon (Plus sign) on the secondary toolbar. Note: Lines cannot be inserted above promulgated/static rows.

The Settlement Module displays two scroll bars when using a CD. Depending on your screen size and resolution, it may be necessary to use the Page scroll bar located on the right of the page to see the bottom. Additional scrolling can be accomplished by using the Module scroll bar on the far right of the module. Clicking anywhere within the page and then using the mouse wheel will also allow you to scroll down further.


No. The HUD and HUD GFE settlement statements are still accessible in DoubleTime 7.0. This version introduces a new Settlement Statement button that replaces the old "HUD-1" button. Clicking on it will open the Settlement Statement type selected on the Loan tab of the Closing file module.

new Settlement Statement button

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