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In DoubleTime 8.0, when saving a HUD-1 or HUD GFE from the Settlement Statement module using the ‘Save-As’ feature from the File menu, the HUD report saves as a Letter size document.

-          In DoubleTime 8.0, the default page size is now Letter to accommodate the Closing Disclosure. To save a HUD as Legal size - close DoubleTime, then open ‘Printing Preferences’ for the printer: PDF-Xchange – The Fund PDF and change the Page Size preference in the Paper Settings to US Legal. Re-open DoubleTime, open the HUD-1 or HUD GFE that needs to be saved, then do File | Save-As in the Settlement Statement module. The HUD-1 or HUD GFE will now save as a legal size document. 
**If the user is printing the HUD by choosing File | Print, the report will print on Legal size. This issue only pertains to the Save-As feature.