10 Tips to Avoid Cyber Crime Losses Members Only

10 Tips to Avoid Cyber Crime Losses

Part of The Fund's mission is to educate our Members and those they represent. We've put together several informational flyers, including "10 Tips to Avoid Cyber Crime Losses." In this digital age, it's paramount to understand how to protect yourself from theives on the World Wide Web. Did you know that keeping track of your approved accounts, phone numbers, and email addresses could save you a lot of time and hassle? Or that simply confirming information with other parties before sending any wires can avoid a whole mess in the future? Get all the tips The Fund has to offer when you purchase this strategic list.

2019 Florida Homestead Exemption Members Only

2019 Florida Homestead Exemption

If a home is a permanent residence, the owner may be eligible to receive an exemption that reduces a portion of the property’s taxable value. If the home is worth at least $75,000, the exemption would decrease the property’s taxable value by $50,000. This handout features important information on the 2019 Florida Homestead Exemption, application deadlines and required documents.

Beware: Wire Fraud Members Only

Beware: Wire Fraud

Are you aware that in 2017 the FBI reported that nearly $1 billion was diverted or attempted to be diverted from real estate purchase transactions and wired to fraudulent accounts? Wire fraud can end up costing you and your clients thousands. Protect yourself with the information on The Fund's "Beware: Wire Fraud" flyer. This educational handout explains how to avoid fraud and what to do if you become a victim.

Business Card Members Only

Business Card

Your company is unique, so don't settle for stock business cards without personality. With over 60+ templates to choose from, selection of color and a variety of options for a richer look, you can present the right first impression with an elegant, impactful business card designed by you.

Closing Process from Contract to Keys Members Only

Closing Process from Contract to Keys

From contract to keys, what are the steps you and your client need to take to close on a house? For those without much experience in the real estate industry, the processes can be overwhelming. The Fund wants to help ease the frustration with informational handouts like this "Closing Process" flyer. The easy-to-follow flowchart provides each step for the real estate agent, mortgage company and title agent from arranging and agreeing on the contract to handing over the property keys.

Closing Process Top 10 for Consumers Members Only

Closing Process Top 10 for Consumers

The closing process can be overwhelming for your clients. This straight-forward flyer from The Fund will clear up what consumers need to know about the closing process and be a good point of reference in the future.

Discuss FIRPTA at the Start – Consumer Members Only

Discuss FIRPTA at the Start – Consumer

Florida has the highest percentage of foreign investments in real estate within the U.S. Buyers of a U.S. real property interest owned by a foreign person need to understand the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA) requirements at the start of the transaction to prevent issues or delays at closing. This helpful handout explains FIRPTA and buyers’ and sellers’ responsibilities.

Discuss FIRPTA at the Start – Realtor Members Only

Discuss FIRPTA at the Start – Realtor

Florida has the highest percentage of foreign investments in real estate within the U.S. Real estate professionals need to advise a foreign person selling a U.S. real property to address the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA) requirements with their tax professional at the start of the selling process to prevent issues or delays at closing. This helpful handout explains FIRPTA and how real estate professionals can help foreign owners navigate this process smoothly.

Envelope Members Only


Add elegance to your everyday business tools with custom-printed envelopes. By ordering from The Fund, you'll get the same quick service and high-quality products you've come to know and trust. Make your mail stand out with custom-printed envelopes. Order your firm’s stationery from us and we’ll provide you with the same quick service & quality products that you’ve come to know and trust from The Fund. We can help add elegance and impact to your everyday business tools.

FIRPTA Flowchart Members Only

FIRPTA Flowchart

A foreign person who owns and sells a U.S. real property is subject to the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA) requirements. This helpful handout graphically outlines the selling process and begins by assuming the seller is a foreign person. By answering yes or no to four key questions, the flowchart shows next steps, requirements and what to expect from the start through the closing process.

Folder Members Only


Distinguish your practice at every closing with foil stamped folders featuring your logo. These folders come in several quantities in a variety of colors with additional customization options.

FR/BAR Contract Preparation Manual Member Discount

FR/BAR Contract Preparation Manual

Considered the ultimate guide to contracts in Florida, FR/BAR Manual gives you line-by-line definitions of each paragraph, along with standards of the uniform Contract, with clarifications.

The Fund Procedures Handbook Members Only

The Fund Procedures Handbook

The Fund Procedures Handbook is a comprehensive Members-Only guide for policy preparation, issuance of endorsements, and application of rating rules and discounted rates.

Fund Title Notes Member Discount

Fund Title Notes

This convenient binder contains essential reading for Florida title issues, including the Fund Title Notes, The Affidavit Practice Manual and the Standard Committment Clauses.

Fund Title Notes (on CD) Member Discount

Fund Title Notes (on CD)

Research whether The Fund has or has not approved issuance of a policy insuring a title to Florida real property within the given situation.

Home Buying Process Members Only

Home Buying Process

Do your clients know what happens when they put an offer on their house? Are they aware that an offer is just the first step of a longer process? If you're worried they might be blind-sided or unprepared, The Fund's "Home Buying Process" flyer is a great place to start their education. This handout details what happens when and after an offer is put down on a house, from the Seller-Buyer contract all the way to closing.

How to Prepare for Your Settlement Members Only

How to Prepare for Your Settlement

For most people, a home is the largest investment they will ever make - they've gotten the money together, worked with banks on a mortgage, investigated the neighborhood and had an inspector scour the place. The last thing anyone wants is trouble at the end that could put the transaction in jeopardy. In two pages, The Fund's "How to Prepare for Your Settlement" flyer details what steps should be taken to avoid any last-minute problems with a settlement.

Letterhead Members Only


The Fund is dedicated to providing quick service and quality products to help you distinguish your company, including a custom letterhead. Stationary with your logo and name leaves a lasting impression of elegance wherever it is sent.

Moving Tips Members Only

Moving Tips

Ever wonder how one person or family accumulates so much stuff? Where does it all go? How can you get it all together in time? The Fund put together this handy "Moving Tips" flyer to help your clients keep track of their possessions and manage their time before moving. Not everyone thinks to start packing up their life eight weeks out, but by starting early, you'll find your stress reduced and your life much more organized. 

Protect Your Most Important Asset Members Only

Protect Your Most Important Asset

Not everyone knows how important having Title Insurance is, but The Fund does! Because we are a policy issuing agency for Old Republic Title, The Fund can offer superior protection of the Homeowner's Policy of Title Insurance, providing peace of mind for hundreds of homebuyers. Purchasing insurance can slip a new buyer's mind and get lost in the excitement of having their own home, but without insurance, they won't be able to protect their most valuable investment. The Fund's "Protect Your Most Important Asset" flyer explains why Title Insurance is important, what features can be added to a Basic Homeowner's Policy and how protecting your Title can benefit you in the future.

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