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DoubleTime® is a complete, comprehensive, and flexible closing software package that was designed by experienced closing agents.

The DoubleTime® release includes features you need to complete the Closing Disclosure and to stay compliant with all of the latest changes and regulations.

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CFPB Compliance

Generate all versions of the new Closing Disclosure form with an intuitive and flexible input interface.

Best Practices

Stay compliant with ALTA's Best Practices and meet new industry demands with Escrow/Trust Accounting, Settlement Procedures and Policy Production as well as Resolving Customer complaints.

Escrow Accounting

Post, Print and Clear checks with 3 way Account Reconciliation. Track and filter transactions by closing file and utilize Positive Pay report generation for added account security.

Standalone & Network Configurations

From single user offices to multiple client networks, DoubleTime® can meet your needs.

Electronic Services

Access ATIDS Real Time Images, generate Closing Protection Letters, order fully examined branch products, obtain Commitment and Policy jackets, deliver Policies and pay Policy remittances, all electronically through DoubleTime®.

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Single point entry system allows information to flow to multiple Closing and Title documents for better efficiency and accuracy.
Create standard Title Commitments, Policies, Endorsements and other closing documents while accessing the Fund's Clause Library or create custom documents of your own.
Generate the HUD, HUD GFE, Commercial Closing Statements, ALTA Settlement Statements, as well as CFPB's new Closing Disclosure.
Order fully examined Fund Branch Products and obtain status and import data electronically.
Create IRS 1099-S forms and generate tax files for electronic submission.
Balance sheets generate automatically and amounts can be exported to multiple accounting software or posted directly to DoubleTime's Escrow accounting module.
Produce Positive Pay export files to meet ALTA's Best Practices - Pillar 2 of securing Escrow/Trust account transactions.
Integrated electronic services for convenience and increased productivity.


DoubleTime 7.0: Everything you need to be CFPB compliant video

CFPB Additions:

  • Closing Disclosure WYSIWYG - (what you see is what you get) interface for quickly adding information to the form.
  • Improved Efficiency - Closing Disclosure information automatically populates from information added in other modules.
  • Updated SCC Clauses - All of the Standard Commitment Clauses from The Fund's SCC Handbook have been added to the DoubleTime® Clause Library.
  • New Loan Module Enhancements - The loan module has been revamped to accommodate all of the new data required to be on the Closing Disclosure.


Module Highlights:

  • Closing File - Add Buyer, Seller, Property, Loan and other closing details that will be used throughout DoubleTime.
  • Commitment/Policy - Create Title Commitments, Policies and Endorsements with a single click and add Requirement and Exception clauses with the help of the Clause Library.
  • Rating - Automatic policy rating calculations based on Florida promulgated rates with the flexibility to handle Simultaneous issued policies, Prior policy reissue credits, Substitution Loan and Mortgage Modifications.


  • Settlement Statements - Generate HUD's, HUD1A's, Commercial Closing statements, HUD GFE's, ALTA Settlement Statements, CFPB Closing Disclosures and more.
  • Balance Sheet - Manage deposits and disbursements into your escrow account to ensure settlement statements are in balance. Post all amounts directly to the Escrow accounting module.
  • Document Preparation - Create, customize and store documents for each Closing File. Print commitment and serialized policy jackets received electronically.

Additional Features:

Contacts module, Serialized forms inventory, ATIDS integrations, CPL and 1099-S generation, Positive Pay, Branch Product Order and Import, Data Call, Closing file checklists, Conveyance module, Loan module, Master Property creation, Notes module, access to the Fund Procedures Handbook and Standard Commitment Clauses, and Reports module.

3rd Party Integration:


Software Requirements:


"Our firm installed DoubleTime® many years ago. I worked on about three different systems prior to using DoubleTime®. DoubleTime® has many features that are wonderful, a comprehensive database, documents, clauses, and especially the support The Fund provides. We recently have integrated the use of the accounting system and find this to be extremely beneficial. The ability to write checks from the file and to follow accounting is so efficient. I also love the ATIDS® integration which allows me to update title right from the file, so easy to use and so efficient as well. I really don’t think there is another system that compares to DoubleTime®, at least that I have used."

- Kristen Ogden
Law Offices of McLin Burnsed

"I love DoubleTime® and the Fund!!! DoubleTime® is an essential part of my daily routine with real estate closing transactions. I have worked with other real estate software programs and none compare to the quality of DoubleTime®. From start of the Title Commitment, to finishing the IRS reporting and filing, DoubleTime® will assist you in quickly and accurately preparing the necessary documents for a real estate closing transaction. Basically, DoubleTime® is like ice skating in the Olympics. You, as the ice skater, will easily and smoothly glide from one step to the next to complete the highest quality real estate closing transaction. DoubleTime® is like having a personal assistant, helping to ensure achieving the ultimate goal for the client, which is the Gold Medal, the consummate winner."

- Debbie Bell, FRP
Florida Registered Paralegal GrayRobinson, P.A.

"I feel that DoubleTime® is the foundation that starts the closing process, and I don’t mean that lightly. From the opening module to the escrow accounting to final policies, and everything else DoubleTime® is seamless. With so many moving parts to a closing, to have a program that is always stable and reliable in every aspect is invaluable.""

- Leslie Lucchesi | Vice President

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