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3.03 How do I add a Closer to a Closing Agent?

  • Open the Contacts module.
  • Select the Contact Type of the Closing Agent (i.e., Corporation, Partnership, Other, or All).
  • Enter the name of the Closing Agent and click OK.
  • Select the Employees, Partners, or Associates tab, depending on the Contact type.
  • Click the Insert icon.
  • Select the Closer from the contact list, or enter the name and then click the New button.
  • If the Closer is a signatory, check the Sign box.
  • Exit the module and save changes.
  • Open the Closing File module.
  • Select the Closing Agent tab. Verify that this is the correct Closing Agent.
  • Select the new name from the Closer list.
  • Exit the module and save changes.